Get bitcoins from faucets, ptcs, and more: Mine Altcoins and get Bitcoins

Mine Altcoins and get Bitcoins

Since mining bitcoin has been impossible without the expensive ASIC miners, I have been mining altcoins and exchanging them for bitcoins.  It is a great way to mine for bitcoin indirectly.

Right now the easiest altcoin to mine is Primecoin(XPM).  It is a CPU only coin, so anyone can mine it.  It is on major exchange site making it super easy to convert to btc.

Some people say doge is the most profitable to mine, while it is the most profitable GPU coin to mine, it is not the easiest because it is not worth to cloud mine, leaving it to high end GPU miners.

Another great thing about XPM is you can cloud mine  and get a decent amount of btc!
Here's a great guide with everything you need to know to start mining right away:

Beer is the best pool to mine XPM. It has the lowest pool fee and has a decent amount of miners. I have been using it for a while and never had a problem. I've mined over 80 XPM at this pool so far.


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