Get bitcoins from faucets, ptcs, and more: Easy Way to Get Started With Bitcoins

Easy Way to Get Started With Bitcoins

I'll start by mentioning a site I came across a few weeks ago: FreeBitco. It is a site that let's you roll every hour for Bitcoins.  It is what you'd call a Bitcoin faucet, but in a much nicer way! (Click here to try it out!)

In addition to having
a smooth interface and higher payout, you can roll to win up to 0.2 btcs(Amount of btc changes according to USD conversion rate to keep the rewards at a fixed amount). You roll from 0 - 10000 and the higher you roll, the more you get. 

Withdraws are every Monday, but while you wait you can also gamble on the site's provably fair dice game and multiply your coins! Don't be greedy though.

No, it is not a lot of coins, but it is by far the best "faucet" out there. Also it is a fun way to get free BTCs to gamble in sites such as

If you're new to Bitcoin, try it out and get your first coins! 
Everyone else, give it a shot because it is by far the best, smoothest faucet you will find.


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